Noos Icon snow boots Inge 3006 grey

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Collection fall-winter 2016

Snow boots are dedicated to everybody who loves white madness. They are so-called. ""apres ski"" or boots to put on after coming back from slopes.Owing to them your feet will feel comfort and relaxation. Each pair is a work of art with a supernatural look. They are an exceptional product which is at the same time a symbol of a certain epoch and fashion icon and design.

They provide warmth and comfort. They will be perfect in the snow, frost and even in the rain.

Upper is made from textile fabric combined with ecological leather in uniform colour. Fastened with velcros which enables optimal adjustment of the boot to foot and quick put-on and take-of. Lining and insole are made from material providing proper climate inside the boot, thickness 2.0 cm. Rubber sole additionally isolates the foot from coldness.


  • Noos Icon, autumn/winter 2016 collection
  • upper: ecological leather combined with textile fabric
  • lining: thick, 2-cm,provides perfect isolation
  • lining: thick, 2-cm,provides perfect isolation
  • sole: plastic
  • cap shape: round
  • upper height: 2.0 cm

* length of lining of children's models size - length (cm):

24-25 - 15.0 - 16.5 cm
26-28 - 17.5 - 19.0 cm
29-31 - 20.0 - 22.0 cm